Thursday, 10 January 2013

2012 in Books

Happy New Year to everyone! It's that time of year again for me to give a rundown of what books I read the previous year and what I found helpful.

2012 was a very productive year for me, book reading wise. Not only did I read numerous books linked with hypnotherapy and mental health but I also read 23 fiction books for my own enjoyment.

In addition to books, I regularly read magazines, journals, blogs and websites which all relate to neuroscience, mental health, psychology and hypnotherapy. 2012 was also very good for television programmes to do with mental health, in particular depression, OCD and Trichotillomania.

Below is a list of books that I read and found helpful in 2012.

Hypnotherapy Books

Childrens Books

Specific Conditions Books

Self Help Books

Business Books

All of the books were very interesting and I have incorporated much of the information and techniques I have learnt from them to my initial consultations and hypnotherapy sessions.

I particularly liked the book by Tig Calvert - Teach Yourself Hypnosis, for a Better Life, as it had some great explainations in it about the brain and self hypnosis. The book is aimed at the general public and explains how to benefit from guided visualisation and self hypnosis.

Another firm favourite of mine was the book on Addiction by Joe Griffin. He writes a series of books and I have found the ones I've read so far very easy to follow and contain some great research and anecdotes - I have added three more of his books to my "To Read" pile for 2013.

As you can see, I read several Childrens books this year which is a first for me. This was because I attended a course back in the Summer on working with Children and I needed some simple explanations on how the brain works, how we create anxiety and what hypnotherapy is so that I could compile a child-friendly initial consultation.

I also read the quarterly journals from the National Council for Hypnotherapy (NCH) and the AfSFH's Journal Hypnotherapy Today.

Previous Years Books:


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  3. I just found your blog and have read through much of it. :) Very informative! I'm just trying to connect with others who are into hypnotherapy or who have had success with hypnosis and create a blog circle where we can share success rates and stories. Hypnosis changed my life in so many amazing ways. I cannot imagine life without it. Good wishes to you from U.S.

    Gabrielle in Arizona

    1. Sorry my link didn't work. You can find me here:

      Hypnosis Works!

  4. Very informative!
    Only just found your blog, but already lots to sink my teeth into.

  5. Thanks for the list! I'm new to the whole hypnotherapy realm, and I would like to learn all I can from established professionals. Your site has a lot of great information. I'll be checking back frequently.


  6. It is amazing how something as powerful as the human brain can be manipulated by something like hypnoses. I have seen it used from entertainment purposed but not for something like therapy. Considering what some people can do under hypnoses, it would be useful to help people forget painful memories.

  7. My son is eleven and is still wetting the bed. We cannot figure out what is wrong. We talk all the time and he can't figure it out either. We are considering hypnotherapy, but don't know enough yet. Who has used this format of therapy? What did you think?

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  10. I've never heard about hypnosis used for therapeutic purposes before today. That is really interesting. I would love to learn more about it. That is super interesting!