Tuesday, 1 May 2012

NEW Relaxation CD Available

It's been a long time in the making but my new Relaxation CD is finally ready!

Relaxation CDs play an important part in the work I do with my hypnotherapy clients.
At the initial consultation, I always give my clients a free CD to take away with them to listen to, every day in between sessions, to reinforce the work we do during the appointments.

My clients have mentioned how useful the CD is, especially as they have it to listen to even after they've stopped coming to see me for hypnotherapy.

Over the last year, many of my clients have asked if I have another CD they can purchase for a bit of variety and so after having to say "No" on many occasions, I thought I would bite the bullet and get a new one produced!

At the end of February, I recorded my second relaxation / self-hypnosis CD with Darkhouse Multimedia in Bristol, who also produced the artwork for the CD and cover. I decided that I wanted to focus on a CD specifically to help with relaxation and positive thinking, which I feel this new CD does wonderfully.

This 30 minute relaxation CD uses guided imagery, stories, metaphors and suggestions to help promote positive thinking. It is designed to put you in control of your thoughts and feelings, helps you focus on what you want from life, and promotes confidence and a positive attitude.

You can purchase my NEW Relaxation CD for just £7.99 including P&P on my website.

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